For the past 2 decades, I’ve been passionate about growing online brands and empowering new bloggers and brand-builders.

I’m the Strategic Partnerships Manager at Elegant Themes. I work with the top WordPress companies and I manage a thriving affiliate program with over 57,000 affiliates.

But what truly drives me is helping individuals and businesses succeed online, and that’s why I started my brand, focusing on content creation, affiliate partnerships, and brand launches.

Wondering how I could help you? Whether you’re struggling with attracting an audience or increasing your affiliate commissions, I’ve got the insights and tools you need to achieve your goals. Here’s some of what I’ve done…

I Spearheaded The Divi Hosting Program.

This wasn’t just another project.

By carefully crafting strategy and working with a talented team, we were able to not only launch Divi Hosting but also sustain and grow it, hitting unprecedented metrics in the process.

I personally coordinated all the efforts and launch strategies between Elegant Themes and those awesome companies to make Divi Hosting a truly powerful solution for Divi users.

Working Together is Always Better!

WordPress Strategic Partnerships & Collaborations.

I love WordPress. I’ve collaborated and worked with pretty much every major WordPress company out there. I love the open source nature of WordPress because it promotes a genuine sense of collaboration and working together to influence the world positively in small unique ways.

Within the WordPress ecosystem, I work directly with WordPress brands to create beautiful Divi Integrations, and content collaborations.

One of my most exciting content collaboration within the WordPress ecosystem was the content hub partnership. The Content Hub was an idea I came up with, reached out, and coordinated, and it was a 6-part blog post series that included 6 of the top WordPress brands, each talking about their own speciality. Here are the 6 parts:

  1. A robust hosting solution – Pressable.
  2. An effective theme – Divi.
  3. A strong security system – BlogVolt.
  4. Powerful caching – Rocket Cache.
  5. Contact forms to stay in touch with clients and readers – WP Forms.
  6. Multilingual content – WPML

This was my idea, my follow through, and my execution. The Content Hub’s content reached over 24,760,000 website owners worldwide.


Strategic Partnerships
The Divi Marketplace

With a keen eye on user needs and industry trends, I created guidelines and resources for product authors to follow and use. As a result, I was able to raise the bar for product page quality throughout the marketplace.

I launched an internal blog for product authors, created the marketplace’s community Slack channel, and built specialized systems to increase sales.

The result: Over 100% increase in conversion rates and sales in a single year. 

Growing The Divi Marketplace.

Optimizing Affiliate Revenue

I Manage Elegant Themes’ Affiliate Program

One of the many things I do at Elegant Themes is managing our affiliate program which has over 57,000 affiliates. To help you see the magnitude of this affiliate program, we’ve paid over $43,000,000 in commissions to our affiliates.

As the affiliate manager, I oversee the entire affiliate lifetime cycles from approving them, to enforcing our affiliate guidelines, tracking and monitoring our trademarks, stopping fraud and improving affiliate conversions.

I strategized and launched a dedicated resources blog for our affiliates where I write blog posts teaching people who’re new to affiliate marketing, how to sell our products.