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Hello! I’m Awah!

Digital Marketer & Growth Hacker

Over the past 12 years of my life, I’ve done what ever it took to learn, grow and help others.

I’m Awah & I have two goals in life: The first goal is to get to defy the impossible and prove to all that growing up in a small country in the heart of Africa is not a limit, and that we are only limited by our beliefs, and the limits we impose on ourselves.

My second goal is: Empower people and help whoever I can to get to the next level. I love people and knowing people, and talking to people. It’s what I do best! I stand for empowering people, and that together we are stronger than ever.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, a master of power laws, an architect of strategies (I also love sounding dramatic ).

I enjoy talking, asking questions and genuinely listening 🙂