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Digital marketer & programmer

Awah Hammad

Digital Marketing is a concept that many people think of the wrong way. So what I do doesn’t focus on growing social media followers. Doesn’t focus on how many email leads you have. I focus on the customer journey, and as a result, those numbers increase automatically.

My Experience

Lead Generation & Optimizing conversion funnels.

I am an experienced marketer, a growth hacker, and a traffic generation addict. I’m an aerospace engineering major and have a minor in computer science. I’ve been building websites and doing online marketing since 2006 and been helping companies grow professionally since 2015.

I understand what it takes to get a user to take action and I know how I can optimize that process to reduce the cost per customer acquisition while at the same time increasing the customer lifetime value for the company. Once the customer lifetime value increases, optimizing that value is what truly sets a business apart from its competitors.

What separates me from the rest of the people is I had to learn and experiment on everything using my own money which forces the person to dive in deep into data and using it to improve the ad or campaign outcomes.


United States

Chief marketing officer

Duing my period with Nile.IO LLC, I grew the company’s leads to over 1 million business owners, set up a system to nurture those leads to valuable paying customers and Handled all the marketing efforts for Nile.IO LLC in the United States.

May 2018

Nile.IO Ltd


Marketing Manager

In the period I worked with Nile.IO in Rwanda, I made partnerships with companies like IGIHE.COM and The Accelerator Magazine
Grew the business by 20% during my working period. Handled all the marketing efforts for the company in Rwanda before being transferred to work at the headquarters in the United States.

Sep 2017

Laser Construction Company Ltd


Marketing Manager

As the marketing manager for LCC, my job was to work with the different departments in the company to grow the number of leads the company was acquiring and then nurture them until closing the deal.

July 2015

Optimizing Businesses of Every Kind, Every Size. Are You Next?


I’ve Worked on Projects For:


The Dreamer Mag

An Experiment I ran in 2018 with the backing of Nile.IO LLC, with the goal of testing a new marketing strategy I came up with. The experiment. The result was 718,469 pageviews in 14 days!

June 2016


CEOI was a page I was charged of growing. The goal was to grow a page fast yet maintaining the cost per like at it’s lowest. Within 3 months, the page grew to 60,000+ likes and the cost per like was the least the company I worked for ever saw!

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